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Trusted Prints & Displays & Signs Solution!

We offer Logo and artwork design service!

If you would like to supply artworks by yourself, please follow below items, thanks.

1.    Artwork Format:

We prefer vector Illustrator artwork AI EPS PDF

-          All fonts are converted to curves/outlines

-          All colors and images are CMYK

-          All link pictures are embedded

-          All print files are within safe artwork area

-          All refer color is CMYK or Pantone Solid Coated


If you do not have them, please send us PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG

-          Resolution more than 72 dpi and clear enough in print size. (Setup files at 300 dpi @ 1/3 scale, 100-150 dpi @ full scale. Minimum acceptable level is 72 dpi at full size)

-          With bleed as template

-          All colors and images are CMYK

-          All print files are within safe artwork area

-          All refer color is CMYK or Pantone Solid Coated and please mark them on artwork (Otherwise we will print as computer display color here)


2.    Color Format----- Only CMYK Files:

If you upload files that are RGB they will automatically be converted to CMYK – this conversion is not a recommended outcome as many colors may not output with required results

E.G. Quite often when an RGB yellow is converted to CMYK it may convert with a percentage of Cyan in the CMYK mix which can give it a limey yellow appearance.

We cannot accept responsibility for the outcome of such files.


3.    Fonts:

All fonts MUST be converted to curves/outlines of the font supplied. We cannot guarantee the outcome if this is not adhered to. If we do not have the same font as is used in the artwork supplied the text can revert to a standard font or distort the text altogether.


4.    Ink Saturation:

Please be very mindful of not using too much ink coverage. As a rule never use more than 300% ink coverage i.e. 100 C, 100M, 100Y = 300% ink out of a maximum of 400 %.


5.    Large Format Printing (e.g. Banners):

-            Size/scaling: Scaling needs to be 100%. Each product requires a precisely sized PDF, EPS or AI file. Almost all of the large format products require a 20mm artwork bleed (no need for crop marks) and all online products are offered at the indicated size only.

-            Fonts: Where possible covert your text to paths, curves or outlines or ensure fonts are embedded and supply the font (PC format).

-            Image Resolution: Please ensure that all images supplied for large format printing are of a resolution of 72 dpi (minimum) in your original artwork (i.e. 300dpi in the scaled final PDF).

-            Colors: Please supply Pantone Solid Coated colors where necessary for all artwork. Printing CMYK colors may not produce the required results on the final product and we cannot accept responsibility for the outcome of such files.


6.    Templates:

For all products please use only templates supplied by us via the website or on request.


7.    How to send artworks to us:

Please send correct artworks with QTY in file name to our sales email to

If over 10M, Please upload via or  and send us link for downloading.


Any unclear, please email to